Cst/Ist Project 5 Media and the Ethics Journal 5

1. Open and read the “How to write a critique” document in the resources menu.

Describe what is a critique.

A critique is when your trying to identify a crucial of an article, and your trying to dig into the information, and trying to rely on the media if the article is true.
An Difference inside a critique is that the description is only stating facts while analyzing is breaking parts then putting it together

2. Outline the FOUR stages in a critique.

First stage is Introduction: Name the issue, state why its considered important and signal your approach and evaluation of the article.
Second stage is Summary: Discuss about the controlling idea, identify the main logical relations used by the author when giving this support, Discuss about the text to what it says and responses.
Third stage is Analysis: Describe about the importance, interpretation of data, expert opinion, consistency, error of facts and any assumptions.
Fourth stage is Evaluation: Discuss about what value of the article and etc.

3. Can a critique be positive? Discuss.
An critique can be positive because it gives a lot of information and ways of constructing and discussing about the article that your researching on, and this maybe accurate too.

4. Critique the accuracy of the following articles:
The first accuracy of the article was mostly careless, because all they think of that the Chinese government is going to kill their athletes and trying to make proof that they want war with them. They also showed how they are going to do it, which would most likely be stupid because it may not be true that they are gonna dig a hole and bury them with leaves, and also training agents in a fighting style slow motion and making them killing machine.

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